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The Advisory Board provides strategic advice and assistance to the Express Igbo Executive Board.

Stephanie Nwogu_Profile.jpg

Stephanie Nwogu

Advisory Board

Stephanie, has been a part of the Express Igbo organization since 2014. Stephanie is an alum, former Director of Events and currently serves as an Advisory Board Member for Express Igbo. Here at Express Igbo, Stephanie honed in on her creative skill-set as a long-time event planner and coordinator to educate and improve community awareness on cultural issues that impact the sustainability of the Igbo people through social outreach and engagement. 


Ijeoma Ezeonyebuchi

Advisory Board

Ijeoma Ezeonyebuchi proudly represents Anambra State. She joined the Executive Board back in 2016 looking to advance Igbo learning through technology. Ijeoma now serves on the Advisory board helping to keep the Igbo culture alive.


Nkiruka Okeke

Advisory Board

Nkiru's has been a part of Express Igbo since 2014.  Express Igbo and the preservation of the Igbo language is a passion of hers.  She currently works as a Software Engineer.


Oge Ezeokoli

Advisory Board

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Onyachi Chuku

Advisory Board

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Advisory Board

Okezie's family hails from Anambra state. He has been on the Express Igbo Executive Board since 2015. In that time, Okezie has led many initatives to help promote and preserve the Igbo language such as initiating the Express Igbo at Howard University program with Howard Intenrational Pals. He believes that teaching and learning Igbo is a powerful tool for healing and restoration.



 ​Advisory Board

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Obi_Eneh Headshot.jpg


Advisory Board

Obi is has been a member of the Express Igbo executive board since 2017 and has transitioned from deputy director to director of education and product development. In his time on the board he had helped to oversee the expansion of Express Igbo classes and help to develop a standardized syllabus. Obi is currently an MA candidate in the International Educational Development program at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds a Masters In Public Administration and dual bachelor degrees in Psychology and Asian Studies.


Founder & Director of Operations of the Advisory Board


Dr. Chukwuma Okeke founded Express Igbo back in 2014 due to his passion for the Igbo language and culture. A native of Imo state, Chukwuma spearheaded the first few classes before the very first e-board was formed. After stepping down as the president, Chukwuma serves as the Director of Operations on the Advisory Board

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