Express Igbo Executive Board consists of an elected group of highly skilled individuals who govern, guild and plan the affairs of the organization.




Okezie's family hails from Anambra state. He has been on the Express Igbo Executive Board since 2015. In that time, Okezie has led many initatives to help promote and preserve the Igbo language such as initiating the Express Igbo at Howard University program with Howard Intenrational Pals. He believes that teaching and learning Igbo is a powerful tool for healing and restoration.


Deputy Director of Education and Product Development

Toochi is a New York and DC barred attorney. As an international trade associate, she counsels private equity firms and corporations and conducts due diligence related to their day-to-day operations. In the past, she co-chaired the Africa programs in the Association of Women in International Trade. Toochi received her J.D. from Columbia Law School and her B.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University, where she minored in Mandarin Chinese. She speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently.


Vice President ​

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Director of Funds Development ​

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Director of Education and Product Development

Obi is has been a member of the Express Igbo executive board since 2017 and has transitioned from deputy director to director of education and product development. In his time on the board he had helped to oversee the expansion of Express Igbo classes and help to develop a standardized syllabus. Obi is currently an MA candidate in the International Educational Development program at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds a Masters In Public Administration and dual bachelor degrees in Psychology and Asian Studies.

Kem Alily

Deputy of Digital Initiatives

A former participant in the Express Igbo classes, Kem joined the executive board in the summer of 2020. Kem is proud of his roots in Imo State and hopes to inspire and aid those who want to reconnect with Igbo traditions. He currents works in the Tech Industry.


Director of Marketing and Communications

Celeste’s family is from Abuja State and Anambra State. She has been on the executive board since 2019. Celeste is a college student attending the University of Maryland in College Park. She believes that with her position, she can really share the culture of Nigeria through the mission of Express Igbo.



Uche love most things Igbo and is really excited to serve as Historian on the executive board.  She is a Washington DC native. She is currently working in healthcare leading practice improvement and healthcare transformation efforts.

The poeticism of the language and the strength of the Igbo culture keeps her going.

Nkiruka Okeke

Director of Digital Initiatives

Nkiru's has been a part of Express Igbo since 2014.  Express Igbo and the preservation of the Igbo language is a passion of hers.  She currently works as a Software Engineer.

Payman Azadi


Payman Azadi is a first generation Iranian American who was born, raised  and currently lives in Maryland. He currently works as a Senior Accountant at Saggar and Rosenberg, P.C. He is passionate about service and considers it to be a core tenant of his faith. He is passionate about history and learning about different cultures. He was introduced to ExpressIgbo through his wife. Since then, he helped in the grant writing process before officially joining the board. He is excited and committed to the work of Express Igbo and is happy that he can use his skill sets in accounting to support the team. He is also looking forward to Express Igbo's beginner class so that his entire family will be multilingual.  

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